Trycut - Easy Cutting Wax

“TRYCUT” is predominantly used for prototyping and CNC proving work, patterns for 1 off castings or even “lost wax” casting.

Use for:-

* Proving CNC/NC Programmes
* Making first run prototypes
* Demonstrating CNC/NC equipment
* Demonstrating CNC/NC software
* Training or retraining CNC/NC users
* Making lost wax casting prototypes

Trycut can be:-

Drilled and reamed, milled, threaded, turned, chamfered, sawn, moulded, carved or polished… Parts can be assembled or checked for dimensional reproducibility… Parts can be glued… Trycut is non toxic, non abrasive and self lubricating… when used in ‘lost wax’ casting trycut has a very low ash content.

Once used and prototype finished with, trycut can be mented back down, re-moulded and used over and over again. Use the silicone release agent to remove re-cast trycut from mould.

Other sizes available, please contact us for with your required sizes for further information.


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