Gear Hobbing Machine

Designed on good machine tool principles, the machine incorporates dovetail slides and an Acme screw and nut for the auto feed cross slide The main components are cast iron, with mild steel used for shafts and small details.

With the exception of the bed plate, most machining can be done on a 3″ center lathe. The gear wheels on the machine are to a standard of 20 D.P. and 3/8” face width with 5/8” dia. bore as used on Myford lathes. Using the lathes change wheels, the machine can be used to make its own set of gears, 1/2″ thick Aluminium alloy blanks are suitable for this purpose.

Hobs may be purchased or made from harden able steel by screw cutting an Acme thread and gashing to form teeth. One hob having teeth with straight flanks. It will cut gear teeth of the correct in volute shape for any number of teeth. By contrast, gear wheels cut by milling one tooth at a time on a dividing head require eight or more milling cutters to cover the full range. Gear wheels can be cut to D.P. module, or circular pitch standards depending on the hob. Be sides spur gears, the machine can be adapted to cut helical gears, worm wheels and bevel gears.

A 1/6 or 1/4 H.P 1425 r.p.m. motor will provide adequate driving power.

A set of drawings includes one General Arrangement drawing size AO and five Al sheets of Detail Drawings.

A kit of castings includes 10 un-machined Grade 14 Cast Iron parts weighing approximately 20kg and drawings

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