“TESTFOAM” is a specially developed high density urethane foam for proving CNC programmes, it has been widely adopted by industry for some years and is availble in many sizes. It is already being used in many technical colleges, Industrial Training Centres, Universities, Schools and my others throughout the UK. It is ow being offered for sale in smaller quantities to the model engineer. Advantages are as follows:-

* Quarter the price of steel
* Safe for inexperienced users
* No tool wear or damage
* Accuracy within 0.002″ (0.05mm)
* Reduces Maintenance of Machines
* Easy to cut and less power consumed
* No coolant required

The advantages of using TESTFOAM are twofold, firstly that it is low in price compared with metals and secondly, the cutting forces are so low that unintentional machining becomes relatively safe and does not result in broken tools or the workpiece being snatched from the vice or chuck.

Available in either clean-cut section, round bar or ready square cut blocks

Standard sizes of testfoam block:- (Other sizes can be cut to order)

Other sizes available, please contact us for with your required sizes for further information.


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