Phosphor Bronze Cored Bar

The following is an example of the range of Phosphor Bronze Cored bar available, This is by no means a full list of sizes. Please state sizes required and ask for prices. Please contact us for a quotation.

Phosphor Bronze Cored Bar sizes:

1″ o/d x 1/2″ i/d
1″ o/d x 3/4″ i/d
1.1/4″ o/d x 3/4″ i/d
1.1/2″ o/d x 3/4″ i/d
1.3/4″ o/d x 1″ i/d
2″ o/d x 1″ i/d
2″ o/d x 1.1/2″ i/d
2.1/4″ o/d x 1″ i/d
2.1/4″ o/d x 1.1/2″ i/d
2.1/2″ o/d x 1″ i/d
2.1/2″ o/d x 1.1/2″ i/d
2.3/4″ o/d x 2″ i/d
up to 4″ o/d x 3″ i/d is consistently stocked

The material is bearing quality SA66o continuously cast. Sizes are cast over/under size so you can finish at the respective diameters. E.g. 2″ o/d x 1″ i/d would be supplied as 2.1/32″ o/d x 31/32″ i/d.


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